All our products thoroughly researched, cutting edge, Practitioner Prescribed Only medicines, so if you have an existing prescription from our practitioners or from practitioners within another clinic, we are happy to dispense these products for you.

Phone and email orders are welcome. Collection in person (during and outside of business hours) or by mail for a standard Australia Post fee can be easily arranged. We understand that not everyone can get into the clinic to collect, so we will even post internationally if need be.

If you happen to lose your prescription, or cannot remember what you needed, we are able to access your file to identify the correct product, so as not to hold you up.

If we don’t have items in stock, we will gladly order them in for you; however we are placing and receiving stock orders every couple of days, so it should not take long for the items to arrive.

For Phone Orders, please call: 07 4638 9600

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