BHSc, ND, Dip HM, Dip RT, Dip BT, Practitioner FSMC, Antigravity Yoga teacher

In the early days she worked and continued education alongside the co-founder of our Clinic, the brilliant and talented Naturopath, Carla Linkerhof.

Faunia Smith is a mum to two wonderful sons and grandmother of a beautiful two year old girl. Faunia has been practicing Naturopathy for over 30 years, graduating from Naturecare College with a Naturopathy Diploma, Diploma in Herbal Medicine and a Diploma in Remedial Therapies. She then completed her Naturopathic Bachelor degree at Charles Sturt University. Starting her career at Blackmores and Wagner Probiotics in Sydney and later continuing into private practice returning to the Toowoomba area where her family resides and is currently practicing in Warwick.

Faunia recently graduated as a level 2 Antigravity Yoga teacher and believes strongly in the fundamentals of good health being diet, connection and lifestyle, movement, fresh air and water, sunshine and practicing gratitude. She also loves to paint and is a huge advocate for how art and music heals. She finds joy in helping her patients achieve wellbeing, balance and the natural state of vibrant good health.

Faunia specialises in:

Functional Medicine - Looks at individual tailored requirements to maximise overall wellbeing. It addresses the prevention of chronic disease, quality of life, ongoing good immunity and lasting energy. Ask Faunia about the detoxification, weight loss, wellness and relaxation programs.

Frequency Specific Pain Management - Treatments have evolved into utilising a Frequency Specific Microcurrent machine with Bowen Therapy in conjunction with diet, supplements and movement. The microcurrent machine is similar to a TENS machine. Both pulse very small electric currents directly into inflamed tissue.

Bowen Therapy - This is a gentle rolling of the fascia on acupuncture meridians used to treat the nervous system to relieve pain.

Treatments for Microcurrent and Bowen are 1 hour and requires that the patient arrives well hydrated for maximum benefits.

Hormonal Health – Her interest in hormonal health led her to work with and gain experience with the remarkable Dr Julie Bradford at the Bradford Clinic in Toowoomba. Many modern day exposures and stresses may lead to endocrine disruption.

Enviromental Toxicity - This is another interest due to the amount of heavy metal exposures in our present day and the damage that is caused by the toxic burden which may be hidden in the tissue of our bodies. Faunia’s patients will often be requested to do a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. These tests also show nutritional status data which is a reliable tool for individual requirements.

Other tests include:

  • Hemaview - Live Blood Analysis
  • Allergy Testing
  • Microbiome Analysis
  • Saliva Hormornal Testing
  • Vega Testing

Patients are kindly asked to bring in any relevant pathology tests with them to their consultation.

Faunia is passionate about plant medicine, so individual herbal extracts are used extensively, however a wide range of modalities are employed for a totally wholistic approach to healing mind, body and soul.

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