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The Shake It Practitioner Weight Management Program, combined with the qualified support and advice from your healthcare Practitioner, is one of the most effective weight loss programs available.

All of our practitioners believe in tailored weight loss, using the latest science and evidence to help our patients overcome the obstacles to weight loss.  

Various factors can impede weight loss, well beyond simple calories in and energy out models.  During your consultation, our practitioners will take a comprehensive history and conduct various assessments to decipher any extra support that you may require for health and weight loss.  

For example, long-term stress can cause significant elevations in cortisol levels that can hinder weight loss, causing people to crave sugary foods and often leading to an increased accumulation of fat around the abdomen.  Various herbs and nutrients can assist very effectively here to aid in your goals.  

Similarly, sluggish thyroid function can be a big factor in a poor metabolism and stubborn weight loss.  Often times thyroid results are interpreted ok by one’s GP as they are looking to see if your thyroid function is very underactive and therefore the need for medications like thyroxine.  However, from a naturopathic perspective, blood results are often interpreted differently as we are looking for the beginnings of hypothyroidism, especially when coupled with commonly recognised thyroid symptoms such as hair loss, feeling the cold, tiredness and weight loss issues, despite people’s best efforts.  There are many nutrients that are beneficial in supporting the thyroid, especially in the conversion of T4 to T3.  Also, digestive and liver issues can interfere with the conversion of thyroid hormones into their active form for a healthy functioning metabolism.  

Another consideration that your practitioner may look at is your exposure to various chemicals, xenoestrogens, pesticides etc.  Our fat cells can store various toxins as a protective mechanism, seeing the last few kilos often the most stubborn to shift as the body may be defending itself.   This can be overcome by supporting the individual with various nutrients for detoxification and liver pathways to allow the body to more effectively rid these toxins, allowing the way for weight loss.  

Shake it is a wonderful, scientifically validated weight loss program that is only accessible through your practitioner.  It can be rebatable through your health fund depending on your level of cover and involves personalised, ongoing support.  After your practitioner has assessed your needs they will outline the program for you which entails recipe ideas, a shake and protein bars, all interchangeable for more ‘real’ food options if you prefer.  There is also detox support if required, nutrients and herbs to help stabilise blood sugar levels and help with cravings as you begin.

The program is motivating also, using the keto urine sticks to see if you are in fact in ketosis and burning fat.  During your consultation, you will also have a bioimpedance analysis check where your body fat percentage, biological age and BMI amongst other assessments will be noted and compared for your motivation and keeping track of your progress.

So pop into the clinic or call our lovely reception team on 46381184 to book in if you need some help in feeling your best you!


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