Dip Remedial Massage, Cert IV Remedial Therapies,  Cutural Bodyworker (Kahuna Style), Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner, Trigger Point Therapist. ORTHO-Bionomy Student.

Lesley is passionate about massage and the healing of the body mind and spirit through touch. She encourages relaxation with the use of long flowing strokes of Cultural Bodywork which while relaxing are also remedial. Intuition plays a large part of the way she works listening to the body through her hands. Stretching and joint release techniques work wonders to help your body to heal, through increased blood and lymph flow and improving joint mobility.

Since qualifying as a Remedial Therapist, Lesley established Massage Works Toowoomba in 2004. Initially working beside physiotherapists Genevieve Reeves and then David Veal who helped her to see the value in good posture and how poor postural muscles and tightness can produce pain and discomfort. Now working alongside many wonderful practitioners at the Natural Health Clinic Toowoomba Massage Works continuously strives to ease your tightness and to unlock postural imbalances using Trigger Point Therapy and massage together.

Lesley finds active ,deep breathing is so important to our lives and our cells and the out-breath helps expel the toxins from our lungs, while the in-breath is alkalizing. Oxygen is vital for every cell in our body and for muscle relaxation and stretching. The focus on active breathing where the body moves expanding and contracting helps to tone the digestive and lymphatic systems.

Lesley is always learning and expanding her knowledge of different modalities, her motto “Massage is good for the Mind, Body and the Soul”

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