BHSc Naturopathy, BSc Genetics

Aimee is a Bachelor qualified Naturopath, who is passionate about helping others achieve their health goals. Aimee enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience, and empowering each individual to take an active part in their own health. Aimee has also completed a Science degree with a major in Genetics from The University of Melbourne. As such, Aimee has a unique understanding of the human body, and how natural medicines may be used to improve and support its functioning.

Aimee uses a holistic approach in assessing each individual’s state of health, such that all factors which may be contributing to illness or disharmony in the body can be identified and addressed. Tools which may be used in this assessment include full health history, iridology, and tongue and nail analysis. Pathology testing, hair mineral analysis and salivary hormone testing may also be ordered as needed.

Aimee is experienced in managing a wide range of conditions such as chronic stress, fatigue, insomnia, digestive disturbances, acute and chronic immune conditions, skin conditions and heavy metal toxicity.

Aimee has a special interest in women’s health, and fertility in both men and women. In addition to her naturopathy and science degrees, Aimee has undertaken several advanced training courses in women’s health, fertility management and pregnancy support. As such, she is adept in the management of conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, PMS, irregular periods, and male factor infertility. This specialist knowledge has increased Aimee’s capacity to improve reproductive health, support healthy natural conception and the growth of a healthy baby. Aimee is also experienced in IVF support, having worked alongside several fertility clinics in Brisbane.

Aimee understands that each individual is unique, and thus she strives to provide a support program which is tailored to the individual’s health status and personal circumstance. Support programs are underpinned by evidence based practice.

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